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Nikola Tesla (Smiljan, July 10, 1856 - New York, January 7, 1943) was a inventor, mechanical engineer and electrical engineering and one of the most important drivers for the emergenceof electricity commercial. He is best known for his numerous and revolutionary inventions in the field of electromagnetism in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The Tesla patents andtheoretical work formed the basis for AC Modern and systems electrical power Including polyphase system electrical distribution and AC motor, With whom contributed to the Second Industrial Revolution.Born in the village of SmiljanIn Austrian Empire (Now Croatia.) The Austrian Empire was a citizen by birth and later became citizen American. After his demonstration of wireless communication throughradio waves in 1894 and after his victory in the War of currents He was widely respected as one of the greatest electrical engineers who worked in America. Much of his early work pioneered modernelectrical engineering contractors and many of his discoveries were of great importance. During this period in the United States Tesla's fame rivaled that of any inventor or scientist in the history orpopular culture, but due to his eccentric personality and his seemingly incredible claims and sometimes implausible about the possible development of scientific and technological innovations, Tesla wasultimately ostracized and considered a mad scientist. Tesla never paid much attention to their finances. It says he died impoverished the age of 86.
The unit of measurement magnetic field B ofInternational System of Units (Also called magnetic flux density and magnetic induction), The tesla, Was named in his honor (in the Conférence Générale des Poids et Mesures, Paris, 1960), as well as theTesla effect of wireless power transmission for wireless transfer of energy to electronic devices (Tesla demonstrated on a small scale with incandescent lamp early in 1893 and aspire to use for the...
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