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  • Publicado : 7 de marzo de 2011
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The Swiss (or Frenchman) Jean-Yves Blondeu (aka Rollerman) decided to go a step beyond the traditional skates on line (rollerblades) and created a suit that has rueditas up to in the anus (literally)and with this one it throws itself for the descents of the Swiss Alps.
When the "rollerblades" went out to the market many augured the end of the traditional skating, something that finally did nothappen. The wheels on line were promising a better slide, more mobility and amusement. There appeared hulls, knee pads and other protectors who were guaranteeing that one was working out unharmed onhaving be raised to the rollers. The history did not happen to major, until in 1995 a French student of industrial design decided that the skates on line could not die to the feet of the sportsmen.Inspired by the skeleton and by the rollers, Jean Yves Blondeau designed a covered armor of rueditas to roll supported on any part of the body. And it baptized to his invention as " buggy rollin "(rolling insect in Frenchman).
Everything might have stayed in that complex and extravagant design of PVC with which Blondeau was trying to approve his final work in the School of Design in Paris, but hisfriends proved the prototype and it fascinated them. Since then the model devoted himself to perfect until it achieved what was searching: a suit on wheels. That primitive embryo took him nine monthsof investigation, design and construction. Then, only he needed a track and big tonsils, something that there does not lack Blondeau who after the first attempts put to invent risky positions of "buggy rollin ". The first ones in coming were the jashugan (of foot and full speed); the telemark (a knee and an arm rest on the soil); and the saint (one skates of knees).
When Blondeau skated with thehead and the stomach on the floor was born the torpedo. Between the super bug and the squeleton there would be a simple difference: in the first one, the arms would be stretched towards ahead and...
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