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|possessives, family relations and jobs|Grade: |
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I Read the following description of a family.
Jack is married to Alice. She is his wife and he is her husband. They have a daughter and son. Their son's name is Henryand the daughter's name is Lisa. They live next to Alice's parents, Harry and Marjorie. Harry is Alice's father and Marjorie is her mother. Alice has a sister and a brother. Her sister's name is Maryand her brother's name is Frank. Frank has two children, David and Sherrie.
II Complete the possessive chart.

|I |my|
|You |your |
|He | |
|She| |
|It |its |
|We|our |
|You |your |
|They| |
|Jack |Jack's |

III Complete these sentences.
Example: I washmy hands.
1. She washes ______ face.
2. He lives with _______ parents.
3. We study for _______ test.
4. They brush _____ teeth.
5. Can you lend me _____ book, please?

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