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At least 60 die in attack at recruitment center in northern Iraq
Baghdad (CNN) -- A suicide bomber wearing an explosives-packed vest attacked a police recruitment center in northern Iraq Tuesday, abloody strike that killed at least 60 people and wounded 150 others.

The attacker -- who blew himself up when he was among hundreds of recruits -- staged the assault at a checkpoint where peopleusually wait their turn to enter the center.

The explosion caused a fire at a fuel station nearby, police in Tikrit said, and most of those killed and wounded were young men who came to joinpolice forces,.

Tikrit's general hospital was overwhelmed with wounded people and some of them had to be sent to hospitals in nearby towns of the Salaheddin province and to other locations, such asIrbil and Kirkul.

Salaheddin Deputy Governor Ameen Mohammed told Iraqiya state TV that security forces in the province are on full alert.

Mosques urged Tirkit residents to donate blood for thewounded.

The center is located nearly 100 miles north of Baghdad in Tikrit, the hometown of late Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, and the facility is in one of Hussein's former palaces

There has beenno claim of responsibility but al Qaeda in Iraq, the Sunni Muslim-dominated militant group, has frequently claimed responsibility for such attacks. Tikrit is largely a Sunni Muslim city.

Iraqirecruitment centers have frequently been targeted in warfare over the years.

On August 17, 48 were killed when suicide bombers attacked a military recruitment center in the Bab al-Moudham commercialarea of central Baghdad.

The same center was attacked again in September and 12 people were killed.

The Islamic State of Iraq, an umbrella group for al Qaeda in Iraq and other Sunni extremistgroups, claimed responsibility for that bombing, authorities said.

U.S. troops have ended their combat mission in Iraq and have focused on training and advising. But they feel the violence that...
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