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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2011
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P.E or Not
According to recent statistical data, Texas is among the top 3 states in the US with obesity issues. Taking away P.E. classes from college and universities is the worst idea or strategyto follow after issues such as the one mentioned above is still present. Given this senseless initiative will be approved, it will only make college students to be overweight, health issues in oursociety will grow due to overweight, and lastly, it will reinforce a culture totally opposed to the views of this country.

Obviously, this idea already seems not just unfeasible but unreasonable aswell. Many research analysis show strong evidence on how college students are very prone to gain weight almost as fast as older people due to the kind of food served on campuses. Evidently, themajority of food served in schools is categorized as fast, or junk-food because of the amount of calories and saturated fats they contain. A recent survey was held at the University of Houston in 2009 andthe results show that students (freshmen in particular) spend more than 12 hours sitting down or physically inactive during day time. Furthermore, the survey also shows that 80 out of 100 students eatat McDonalds or Wendy’s 4 times per week at least. Hence, without the potential physical activeness that P.E. classes require, students will start to gain more weight consequently.

The physicalappearance and self-stem are very important things that determine a portion of mental health in young adults. However, health must be balanced thoroughly in every organism in the body system.Overweight people tend to have less energy than normal weight people. Unfortunately it is proven that the lesser people are active, the greater their risk of gaining more weight and the more weight peoplegain, the less likely they are to become more active and thus, chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are only some of the diseases that are very likely to develop as...
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