Obra de teatro ok joe

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“O.K. JOE”


5° D

1°Pedro and Tomasa live in E.U

2°There have 2 children (Joe and Juana) that are of NorthAmerican nationality.

3°Pedro and Tomasa are undocumented

4°Juana is a ballerina in a cabaret

5°Pedro wants to return to Mexico with his family

6°Juana I take tohis house Mathew a foreign representative

7°Tomasa on having seen Mathew, I question Juana and to offending Mathew with words anti sounding

8°I ask Mathew Juanathe meaning of the words that said his breast to him

9°Juana gave to him the meaning of other words since the majority they were anti sounding

10°Joe I come tohis house and started to insulting his parents since they asked him to look for work

11°Mathew went to see to dance Juana to the cabaret to contract her for Broadway12°Juana and his companions did a presentation for Mathew

13°Juana I dance with his boyfriend doing a presentation

14°Mathew said to Juana that tape-worm thatto go with to take her to Broadway together with his boyfriend

15°His boyfriend did not want to go away with her but I her rest on his decision

16°Mathew said toJoe that tape-worm that to put the package that him gave inside the suitcase of the boyfriend of Juana

17°Joe went to his house for the package and when his dad cametape-worm

18°Joe said to Mathew that his dad I throw the package and give the orders to kill it

19°Joe I kill Mathew on having known the death of his father andone gave the same shot in the head

20°Juana on having come to house saw his dead father and gave to him the news of his brother and they decided to go away to Mexico.
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