Oee (medicion de la eficiencia del equipo)

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OEE is the best way to monitor and improve the effectiveness of a manufacturing processes (machines, manufacturing cells, assembly lines). OEE is simple and practical. It takes the most common andimportant sources of manufacturing productivity loss, also is an excellent gauge for measuring where you are - and how you can improve!

OEE analysis starts with Plant Operating Time; the amount oftime your facility is open and available for equipment operation.

From Plant Operating Time, subtract a category of time called Planned Shut Down, (breaks, lunch, scheduled maintenance, or periodswhere there is nothing to produce). The remaining available time is your Planned Production Time.

Availability takes into account Down Time Loss, which includes any
Events that stop plannedproduction for an appreciable length of time The remaining available time is called Operating Time.

Performance takes into account Speed Loss, which includes any factors that
cause the process tooperate at less than the maximum possible speed, when running. The remaining available time is called Net Operating Time.

Quality takes into account Quality Loss, which accounts for produced pieces thatdo not meet quality standards, including pieces that require rework. The remaining time is called Fully Productive Time.

OEE Loss

OEE Factor

Planned Not part of the OEE calculation.Shutdown Down Time Loss • Availability: Operating Time is Planned Production Time less Down Availability Time Loss. • 100% Availability means the process has been running without any recorded stops. •Performance: Net Operating Time is Operating Time less Speed Performance Loss. • 100% Performance means the process has been consistently running at its theoretical maximum speed. Quality Loss • Quality:Fully Productive Time is Net Operating Time less Quality Quality Loss. • 100% Quality means there have been no reject or rework pieces.

Speed Loss

Six Big Loss

OEE Loss

OEE Factor •...
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