“Online learning vs. traditional classroom learning”

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Persuasive Essay
“Online learning vs. Traditional classroom learning”
These days, traditional classroom learning is not the only way to study. There is another one – online learning. Little bylittle, as we tend to use technology and the Internet for more and more activities in our lives, online learning is becoming much more common among students since brand-new technology can make our livesmuch easier. That is true. However, there is nothing more beneficial than being in a traditional classroom setting.
First of all, traditional classroom environment provides the perfect interactivesetting that allows an open exchange of ideas. That is, in a classroom, we –teachers and students- can easily discuss and share information. There are no communication barriers that may exist in onlineclass. For example, in a traditional classroom, the teacher, by looking at the students’ faces, he or she can realize whether they have understood the lesson and the instructions or not, while in anonline class, this may be much harder to notice.
Even though online learning has the benefits of the Internet –easy access to email and a great deal of information, etc-, everyone is kind of isolatedin their own, just in front of a screen. We are social entities; we have to understand that. We can get many benefits from being in direct contact with others. And learning is not an exception tothis. Traditional classroom environment allows us to be in contact with our teacher and ask him questions easily. As well, we can interact with our peers – exchanging information, ideas, etc. and studyingtogether, too. It is not advisable that we spend a lot of time alone in front of a computer. It is helpful, yes. But, we are going to be professionals, so we need to learn to communicate effectivelywith others. And that is something our traditional classrooms offer. For instance, shy students will remain shy if they just stick to studying through online classes; on the other hand, by being in...
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