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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Software Quality Metrics for Object-Oriented System Environments
Object-oriented analysis and design are popular concepts in today’s software development environment. They
areoften heralded as the silver bullet for solving software problems,; while in reality there is no silver bullet,
object-oriented has proved its value for systems that must be maintained and modified.Object-oriented
software development requires a different approach from more traditional functional decomposition and data
flow development methods. While the functional and data analysis approachescommence by considering the
systems behavior and/or data separately; object-oriented analysis approaches the problem by looking or system
entities that combine them. Object-oriented analysis anddesign focuses on objects as the primary agents
involved in a computation; each class of data and related operations are collected into a single system entity.
The concepts of software metrics arewell established, and many metrics relating to product quality have been
developed and used. The SATC applies a model for evaluating software quality that has four goals:
(1) Stability ofRequirements and Design, (2) Product Quality, (3) Testing Effectively, and
(4) Implementation Effectively. With object-oriented analysis and design methodologies gaining popularity, it
is time to startinvestigating object-oriented metrics with respect to these goals. We are interested in the
answer to the following questions:
· What concepts and structures in object-oriented affect the quality of thesoftware?
· Can traditional metrics measure the critical object-oriented structures?
· If so, are the threshold values for the metrics the same for object-oriented designs as for
· Which of the many new metrics found in literature are useful to measure the critical concepts in
This report summarizes results of the SATC’s research on metrics for...
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