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  • Publicado : 23 de enero de 2011
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I recently met many people who today are my friends. I met them at school, in sports, and many other places.
Friendship is something that God gives you to enjoy life. Without friends theworld would be different all boring, with no smiles, no love and much more.
Today I realize that every day new people God puts you on your way, people who help you, that makes you happy, makesyou suffer, and will make you go funny moments.
According to science friendship means loving relationship between two or more people but. .
Friendship is for us to have fun with someone youtrust and respect you and know your feelings, you understand and help you in difficult times.
Among friends can sometimes have fights, conflicts and arguments, but true friendship is whatpasses all the tests that God puts us on the road.
It's hard losing a friend; think we've all experienced this problem, distance problems and other things that happen.
To make a true friend doesnot need to have material things or to be the most outstanding, we just need to be sure that the love we feel for the people we choose as friends, is sincere and is not marked by the interestof making a profit for us.

The friend speaks frankly and makes them realize their mistakes, warning him about the things that do not suit them, remember them forever, regardless of themiles that separate us from them or the time since the last time saw.
A marriage may begin with a friendship that is becoming stronger over time. Make a true friend is hard to say that truefriends can be counted on fingers. The interests of friendship do not last long because the person can realize your interest and stay away from you. A proverb says interest friendship does notlast even a month and that is certainly a true friendship does not break so easily.

So love your friends take care of them, respect them, help them and above all care for their friendship
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