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  • Publicado : 5 de octubre de 2010
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It is the spirit and not form of law that keeps justice alive. - Earl Warren
Good morning ladies and gentlemen I’m here to talk to you about justice and equity in Mexico.
Sometimes we needsomething to happen in order to reflect about our reality, and so much robbery, kidnapping, and murdering, hasn´t been enough for us to realize we need to demand two of the rights by which man constructs andideal society, and their called: justice and equity.
Social justice and equity means equal rights for all, regardless race, religion, age, and sexual orientation, in a country where millions starveand minorities are discriminated against, such goals are still a long way off.
Across the country, there are thousands of examples of such injustice. One example is: “Las muertas de Juarez”. For tenyears the disappearance and deaths of women in Juarez City has been causing an increasing preoccupation in the society. These women die unjustly and the government says they are doing something aboutit, but the question is, do we believe them? It has been ten long years for these women and nothing has changed so obviously the government ain’t doing nothing about it.
Another problem would be theunemployed poor people; they do anything to get money so it leads to more crime. And it is unfair for them not to be able to get a job. So we should help providing more jobs to the poor because thenthey wouldn’t have to steal to provide for their family.
But I’m not gonna blame it all on the government; I mean President Felipe Calderon has been fighting through all these years against drugdealers no matter what happens. And of course there are much things he is trying to do for our country. But it isn’t quite simple for one man to lead a third world country.
This is where I’m headed to:We need to make our own justice, people. We obviously cannot seat down and claim for justice if we don’t do anything about it.
Who can tell me how many times have we seen robbery and not do...
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