Organizing knowledge about the word

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Organizing Knowledge about the Word
Frames in the mind

Categories can be adequately described as features lists, either as lists of essential features.
(as in "classical approaches") or as listsof features that represent the central examples of concepts
( as in prototype approaches)

* Frames are representations of this large amount of underlying knowledge.
* Features lists areinsufficient as a general strategy to represent what we know about the world
* 1.- Their failure to represent all the information we have in connection with concepts;
* 2.- Their failure to representthe structure of conceptual information we posses in connection with concepts;
* 3.- Failure to represent attribute-value relationships between elements on concepts

What is a frame?
* We canuse the following working definition of frames: "A frame is a structured mental representation of a conceptual category"
* Frame = script, scenario, scene, cultural model, cognitive model,idealized cognitive model, domain, schema, (experimental) gestalt, and several others.

* Classical approach, meaning is given in terms of necessary or sufficient conditions.(i.e. by means of essentialfeatures). From the perspective of an experientialist cognitive science, meaning is defined by frames; as the best known formulation of this idea suggests, "meanings are relativized to frames/scenes".* Example:
Knuckle, it would be very difficult to define the meaning of this word in terms of essential features without evoking the larger number of which it is part.

Knuckle –finger
Knuckle – finger – hand
Knuckle – finger –hand -arm
Knuckle - finger - hand - arm - body.

* Fifth day of the week? no! Because it only makes sense against the background of theconcept of "week".
* Could we propose as an inherent features that Friday is a day? No, because the concept of "day" itself only makes sense in a certain system of knowledge about the movement of...
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