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Answer the following questions for each section of the Oyster Culture Cycle:Introduction: 1. Would you agree with the reasons given why we should have oyster farming? Explain. 2. Define mariculture and aquaculture. Hatchery Business: Stage 1 : __________________________ 1. Using theinformation presented, what judgment would you make regarding the importance of this stage? 2. What examples would you use to show that temperature is not much of a problem in raising oysters? 3.Predict the outcome if the oysterproducer only farmed the oysters on-bottom as opposed to suspending the oysters in the water. Stage 2 : _____________________________ 1. What are the algal species used atthe Grand Isle hatchery? 2. Why do you think growing algae is important in the oyster hatchery business? 3. Describe what algae need for growth. Stage 3 : _____________________________ 1. What is thetype of oyster produced at the hatchery? 2. Why do you think the oysters are kept at a temperature of 10o C? 3. Do you think fresh water or seawater is used in the tanks? Explain your answer. Stage 4:______________________________ 1. How are oysters encouraged to spawn? 2. Explain the two ways fertilization can be done. 3. Predict the outcome if oysters were not identified as males and femalesbefore spawning begins. 4. Why doesn’t the hatchery allow all of the ripe oysters to spawn?
13 Education on the Halfshell: Oyster Culture Cycle Blackline Master 4 - page 1 Louisiana Sea Grant CollegeProgram

Stage 5 : ________________________________ 1. After the fertilization of the egg, what is the next stage in an oyster’s life cycle? 2. Name the unique part of this stage that is differentfrom the majority of an oyster’s life. 3. Describe and name the part of the larvae that allows movement. 4. Write a hypothesis concerning (a) oyster larvae and salinity: (b) larvae and light: (c)...
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