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  • Publicado : 9 de septiembre de 2012
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Jhazmine toca la puerta del doctor y entra.
Jhazmine: hello doctor,
Johana: hi come in. What's your name?
Jhazmine: My name is Jhazmine, Nice tomeet you.
Johana: Nice to meet you too. Sit down please.
Jhazmine: Thank very much. Well I'm here because I'm feel bad
Johana: what's the matter?Jhazmine: My stomach hurts
Johana: For how long?
Jhazmine: I have this pain for a week
Johana: Did you have this problem before?
Jhazmine: No,I didn't. But I don't lunch at my hours because I have a lot of work.
Johana: Ok , What do you do when you have a stomachache?

Jhazmine: Iusually ate light meal and I took pills but when I took pills, I get sleepy
Johana: What pills you take?
Jhazmine: I take the pill called plidan
Johana:Ok….: What did you eat yesterday and today?
Jhazmine: Yesterday, I ate French fries and chicken fries and I drank yogurt. And today I drank coffee.Johana: you have an infection stomach
Jhazmine: dr: that is dangerous

Johana: no but you have gastritis early
hazmine:and this is serious?Johana: No but You have to follow a procedure
Jhazmine:Ok no problem for this…

Johana: first you don’t eat junk food and you don’t drinkalcoholic beverages
Second you have to drink a lof of water
Thirst you need this medicine . for one month, every day take a pill
Fourth prepare yourschedule and include the hours for eat.
Jhazmine:ok I will, thanks you
Johana: you’re welcome, see you the next month
Jhazmine: ok see you bye.