Pagan healing arts

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I decided to do my research on the pagan healing arts. Though I could not find one that actually practiced the arts for a reasonable price, I went to ask what I could do to heal myself. It took me a while to find a place that I felt could really help me. Until I found a little shop not too far from where I lived that I didn’t even know was there. The Caldron Kitty was a nice little new age shopon Rowena Ave in Silverlake not far from Glendale. Like all new age shops there was clam tranquil music playing, the scent of sage and other herbs hung in the air, and this time two of the most helpful workers than the other shops. At first I walked around looking at all the items that were from many cultures and religions. The two women were behind the counter joking with each other on how onehad read the others mind about wanting to eat. It was the perfect new age shop almost out of the movies or charmed. I went up to them asked them if one could help me. Gladly one got up to help me I told her that I was not feeling my best and wished to find some natural healing.
I told her that I didn’t full of energy as I usually did and that it had been going on for a while. I went on to tellher that I had been sleeping well and that still I woke with out energy. She told me that because Mercury was in retrograde it was affecting many people in many ways. That it was making people feel tired and uneasy about their lives. Also that many people around this time usually contemplate to see if their life is heading in the right direction or not. I later looked up that “the purpose ofMercury retrograde is to review and revise our life and our connection with reality. The timing of this universe is geared toward the Sun as it moves through the zodiac. Mercury has an orbit that at times gets ahead of the Sun allowing us to look into the future toward new and innovative ideas. However, we cannot continue in that vein until we come back to the present designated by the Sun and put ournew ideas into manifestation. During the time that Mercury jumps ahead, we ultimately have to bring the ideas back into the present to test and evaluate to see how they fit into our life. As Mercury retrogrades back into the present, the connection with the Sun happens as we test drive our ideas and re-align with reality and the natural timing of the universe.” She asked me if I had any un-healthyhabits that might be interfering with my energy flow. I told her that I didn’t do anything out of the ordinary and that this just randomly started. That’s when she decided that it was because mercury was in retrograde it was causing my energy flow to be lacking. She said that I had to get rid of the bad energy to allow the good energy to flow. Since the cause of my imbalance was supernatural thetreatment told to me had supernatural aspects.
She said that many people were feeling the affects and that she recommended a bath salt labeled “Mercury Bath Salts” with the planet symbol for mercury. I looked up the ingredients of the salts at the makers of the salts said “Our bath salts are made by mixing a blend of superior salts and Raven's Flight Magickal Oil Blends, noartificial colors or fillers.” She also handed me some anointed candles for healing, thoughts, and astral travel. The main candle had been “dressed” for healing rituals the bloodstone gemstone stuck out at me I asked her why there was a bloodstone on top along with little herbs. She said that the bloodstone is used for circulation of all energy in the body and helps to remove energy blocks. Shealso suggested I get a small tea pouch to put herbs in the tub. I bought peppermint since it was said to be used for healing and energy flow. That night I set up the candles in the bathroom made sure that the hall way door was closed to minimize the sound of outside. I let the water run hot with the salts in the tub. I put the peppermint in the bag and let it sit in the water as the tub filled....
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