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Peter: Hi! Carla! How are you?
Carla: Great! I´m going on vacation.
Peter: Where are you going?
Carla: To Madrid. I´m living on Friday.
Peter: That´s wonderful! Have anice trip.
1. Carla is at the office?
2. She´s going on a business trip?
3. She´s going to Spain?
4. She´s living on Friday.
T FCalendar
1. January
2. February
3. March
4. April
5. May
6. June
7. July
8. August
9. September
10. October
11. November
12. December

Day ofweed.
1. Monday
2. Tuesday
3. Wednesday
4. Thursday
5. Friday
6. Saturday
7. Sunday
What day is it today?
R= Today is Monday, January 1st.

That´s the weather like?
Fall:Es cuando hay brisa y se caen las hojas.
Winter: Es invierno, cuando está nevando. Frio
Summer: Es verano. Esta la gente en la playa.
Spring: Es primavera.

Rainy: Está lloviendo
Snowy: Estánevando
Sunny: Está soleado
Windy: Está pegando brisa
Cloudy: Está nublado.

What´s the weather like today?
It´s raining

When do you go on vacation?
I always go inthe summer.

I am working in New York next week.
You are going to Brazil on Monday.
He is buying a new coat next month.
She is selling her computer in February.
We are going to the bank inafternoon
They leaving the office tomorrow at 3:00

What are doing tomorrow?
I doing to work.

How are you going to New York?
I´m going by plane.
I´m going by bus.
I´m going by train.
I´m going todriving.
I´m going to walking.

We are leaving on june 4th . We are coming back on june 8th .

Making travel plans.
Paul: Where are you going on vacation, Sumi?
Sumi: Oh. I don’t Know. I´dlike to go to warm contry.
Paul: How about Thailand?
Sumi: What´s the weather in Thailand?
Paul: In the summer. It´s hot and rainy.
Sumi: I like hot weather, but I don’t rain.
Paul: well, what...
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