Pakistan flood

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oodThe impacts of Pakistan flood: FOOD
The main cause of the floods was an unprecedented monsoon rain. The rainfall anomaly map published by NASA showed unusually intense monsoon rainsattributed to La Niña. On 21 June, the Pakistan Meteorological Department cautioned that urban and flash flooding could occur from July to September in the north parts of the country. The same departmentrecorded above-average rainfall in the months of July and August 2010 and monitored the flood wave progression.
This is significant because with high rainfall, the discharge levels of the IndusRiver increased, causing the floods.

Map showing the main cities affected by the floods:
Impacts on the food:
Short term effects:
1. Floods submerged 17 million acres of Pakistan's mostfertile crop land.
2. Land becomes unfertile and can’t be used.
3. Floods killed 200,000 livestock and washed away massive amounts of grain
4. Lack of food for the farmers.
5.Physical water scarcity
Long term effects:
1. Farmers unable to meet the dead line with the customers.
2. Possible food shortages in the cities.
3. On 24 September the World Food Programannounced that about 70% of Pakistan's population, mostly in rural areas, did not have adequate access to proper nutrition.
4. Economically water scarcity
5. Prices of food increased.Proposed actions to reduce the impacts
An association created in order to help the people affected was CARE. One measure that they have in order to reduce the food and water scarcity were that Intotal, 5,629 households received water from daily drinking water distribution sites in 12 camps, 497 households received safe drinking water and 600 water storage tanks were established. CARE and ourpartners also installed six water purification plants.
In total, 4,120 households received full food packages, while some of the households only required partial food packages like sugar, wheat, rice...
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