Pancho villa. bandit or hero?

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American History Honors

Pancho Villa
“Bandit or Hero?”

Ricardo Ortiz

Friend, the story of my life will be
told in different points of view

Here is a quick review of the life of a man that use to wake up in a different place he had chosen to sleep the day before. Pancho Villa was born the fifth of June of 1887 in a small town in Durango. Son of asharecropper of the name Agustin Arango who died when he was fifteen. His mother was Micaela Arambula who gave birth to four more siblings. After the dead of his father Villa worked in the hacienda to sustain his family. Villa never went to school he never knew how to read or write in exception of his name.

It is very difficult to know what happened to him exactly during his childhood the aremany stories about what happened to him before he started his carrier of bandit. This is the version of Villa:
I lived in the the Hacienda of Gogogito in the state of Durango the day 22 of September of 1894 started my carrier as a bandit after shooting the the owner of the hacienda ,Don Agustin Lopez Negrete, very badly. I did it because he attempted to take my little sister from ourfamily (he wanted to have sexual affairs just to hurt her) I would figure he had done it before so I grab a gun and shoot him several times I didn't kill in the moment but he did later. I ran for my life and hided in the mountains now the law was looking for me.

The revolution
Pancho Villa spent much of his young life as a as thief in Chihuahua and Durango. By 1910 a representative fromFrancisco Madreo approached to him to invite him to collaborate to organize the coming revolution. Villa accepted and started recruiting friends and people to his group of revolutionaries. He started the revolution before the day planed (20 of November) he assault a train station where federal forces arrived the town of San Andres none of the Villa's soldiers were shot and at least 19 of theenemies were severely wounded and even the commender was founded dead.
By the 20 of November lots of revolutionaries emerged and stroke the federal forces by order of Francisco I. Madero and the plan of San Luis Villa showed leadership in Chihuahua by surprising a army of 800 soldiers. He severely beat up the federal troops by killing or wounding at least a hundred and only 9 of his group ofthirty men died that day including two of his best friends.
Francisco I. Madero returned to the country after by expelled by order of Porfirio Diaz with a army of 800 men that crossed Chihuahua. He Meet Villa and Orozco the two main insurgent commanders of Chihuahua. They planed to seize the border city of Ciudad Juarez and Ciudad Porfirio Diaz (now in days Piedras Negras) so they may be able to getammunition from the United States.
The fight continued until Porfirio Diaz saw that the situation in Mexico was impossible so he quit his position as president (dictator) and flew to France where he died years later. Now the country was in peace. Or that's what we thought until...
A year later after the departure of Diaz there where some problems in the agricultural sector leaded by EmilianoZapata demanding lands and rights for the farmers so they arose again. Villa tried to support Madero but he was sent to jail by order of I don't know who and when he got out Madero was already dead and a new dictator, Huerta, was in the power. Venustiano Carranza, Villa, Zapata, and Orosco would join to overthrow the new regime but in this story things would chabge dramatically.

MainConsequences before Columbus
Villa continued fighting against the forces of Venustiano Carranza after he turned against him. Now the tides shifted sides against Pancho Villa, the United States recognized the government of Carranza to be stable and secure, besides they started news against in the border and where he obtained the ammunition rejected making business with him, that made Villa pissed....
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