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Coup Software
1. Software basic
a. System Software: any software that helps the computer work correctly and manages all the resources so it can work.
i. Operation System: Helpsthe computer work and start (MAIN SYSTEM SOFTWARE)
ii. Device drivers: software that connects the hardware and the peripheral devices such as printers, scanners ect..
iii.Utilities: helps clean computer, mange files
b. Application: Software that help us work better
iv. Word Processing, Music Editing ect..

2. Copy right and piracy (mind map)

3.Operating Systems (Mac OS & Windows)
c. Boot Process: Steps to turning on the computer (Stored in ROM)
d. Multiuser:
e. Single user:
f. Server:
Connects to:v. Software-
1. Applications
vi. Hardware-
2. Processor- processes (processes that have to been done, the OS decides what is going to go first)
3.Manages the memory RAM (waiting room)
4. Stored information in the Hard Disk
5. Communicates to the peripheral devices through device drivers

4. User Interface:(Interface-how the computer and human interact)
g. Terminal- Mac
h. DOS- Windows
Both Terminal and Dos uses:
vii. GUI: Graphical user interface
6. Iconsviii. Command: Line prompt

5. Cloud Computing: (Google docs) people working some were in the web were we can all access it.
i. Advantages: people can work together and not be together,document is saved on the web
j. Disadvantages: No privacy, plagiarize, fake info, no internet-no file
6. Malware:
k. Trojan Horse: Does not reproduces, application- install it
l.Bot: any type of malware that can be controlled
m. Viruses: Attached to document, needs for a user to bring it in the computer, reproduces itself
n. Worm: Transferred via e-mail or pop...
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