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  • Publicado : 26 de febrero de 2012
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Being parents and being teenagers is difficult for both: however being a parent demands more work and perseverance and it doesn’t come with a hand book.
A lot o people can ask themselves why preparing teenagers for life is an art, and if grownups can help us to grow, mature and becomepositive and better individuals. I believe that those directly in charge of helping us are our parents, they guide us through the path they trace for us at the beginning of our lives, they give usthe instruments to continue in order to overcome all the obstacles that we find each day at each moment of our lives.
This is not easy, I can tell that and accept it, because we teenagers can be verystubborn, at times we don’t listen because we don’t like to admit that our parents are right, that they have the voice of experience and that they might know more than us, especially about practicalthings in life. One example that I can say about it is: when I was going to go to a party and they said I couldn’t go because it was dangerous, well, the following day I found out that most of myfriends that did go to the party were robbed! Who could have imagined that? I was very surprised and had no words to say to them. So with this, I can say that most of the time our parents know what isbetter for us, because they have lived more and for a longer time than us, they have the experience in life and how the world and the people of this world can be.
We tend to say that our parents arebad and don’t care about us all the time, especially when we are teenagers, but when we grow up and become more mature, I’m sure we’re going to realize that they were right and the only thing that theywanted was for us to become good and respectful people, to have more opportunities than they did and to not make the same errors in our lives as they did when they were young.
Parents can do a lot...
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