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As I was telling you, last Sunday peter, a classmate, invited me to play football because they need other player. As I had nothing to do, I put on my shorts and trainers and we went to the field. The match was a friendly one, but they were bet beers and a barbecue. One of my mates told me that I had to give the best of me because the other team was always been their rival and it was a veryimportant match. The match started and neither team scored in the first time. We were all tired, we were running a lot. During the second time, peter began to discuss with the referee because he didn´t gave us a penalty. Peter shouted as a mad and in some moments he wanted to hit the man. The referee stopped the match, it finished 0-0. I told the guys that it didn´t matter, it was only a friendly matchand it had not to import, they looked at me in an angry way and they stopped talking to me, so I went home without saying goodbye. This night, my telephoned rang, it was Peter. He apologized for the way they threatened me this evening and he said I was right, that it was only a match. He invited me to go to his house because the team were eating a barbecue and drinking beer…

While I was doingmy homework, the doorbell rang. It was Pat, my best friend. She´s a good-looking girl and she always dress in an elegant way. She asked me if I could accompany her to the shopping centre, because she had a party this night, and as I was tired to do my homework I went with her. She told me that she had seen a beautiful green t-shirt and wanted me to see how it fits her. We arrived to the shop wherethe t-shirt was, she looked for it but she couldn´t find it. Suddenly, she saw a girl with it and asked for it. The girl told her that she was going to buy it. Pat began to scream and they pulled and pushed the t-shirt. I told Pat to seek something better but she didn´t listen to me. Finally, a guard asked Pat to leave the place, so we went elsewhere. She didn´t like anything, she wanted thegreen t-shirt. When we were walking, I saw a flowered dress and told Pat that she would have to prove it. At first, she refused but I insisted a lot that she had to accept. It was a beautiful dress and fitted her perfectly, she was glad. The next day she phoned me to thank for helping to find something for the party and told that everybody flattered her because she looked beautiful in this clothes.As I was telling you, last Sunday I went to the park with a group of friends. While we were playing football, we heard a terrible noise. We saw that two cars had hit head on. We approach the accident and I could saw that it was my aunt that had crashed with a taxi. She was furious; I’d never seen her like this. I went with her and try to calm, she wanted to phone the police and sent the taxidriver to prison. I told that she couldn´t solve anything doing this, that the car only had the lights broken and also the insurance would cover the expenses. I phoned my mum to fetch her because she was behaving in a madness way. The next day she went home with her car repaired. She thanked me to help the day before and told me if she behaves again in this way, I sent her to prison.

While Iwas playing computer games, my telephone rang. It was Mary that asked if I could accompany her to hospital because she had to visit her cousin Jenny, which had had an accident. I accepted and she told that she fetched me at five o´clock. She was driving and saw a shop; she stopped to buy something to her cousin. She bought a brunch of flowers, some books and chocolates. We arrived to hospital andasked Mary in which bedroom was Jenny and she replied that she believed her cousin was in the 21. We went to this bedroom, she was all covered with bandages, and we could only see her eyes. Mary talked to her and Jenny seemed to want to talk to us. Suddenly, a woman entered to the room and started shouting, she said that we wanted to abduct her daughter, she set off running and I told Mary that...
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