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The patent is a negative right, granted by the State to an inventor or assignee (secondary owner). This law allows the patentee to prevent third parties making use ofthe patented technology. The patent holder is the only one who can make use of the technology claimed in the patent or authorize others to implement it under the conditions that the recipient hasestablished.
In short, patents are granted monopoly system by the state for a limited time today, according to rules of ADPIC s twenty years. After the expiry of the patent any person may make use ofthe technology of the patent without the consent of the proprietor. The invention then enters the domain public.
In this essay will be revealed some problems that currently exist in Mexico for which aperson may patent invented a product that is approved by the IMPI. I think that this issue is of great importance since problems that exist in Mexico to patent a product makes the creators of them donot have the same confidence to register your product here and look for other alternatives to deliver its product as often happens will be registered in another country


Mexicoranks last in the group of seven countries most active in patenting in the country before the IMPI, and in 2009 succeeded in registering 213 patents, while the United States, which topped the poll, 831registered 4000 patents.

According to the 2010 Annual Report of the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), Germany ranks second on the list by registering 786 patents in Mexico,followed by France with 592 patents in that year, which reflects that there is a serious problem or creativity or excessive bureaucracy that makes the inventors choose to do their registration in othercountries, or not carry them out.

Worldwide Mexico is represented by only 5%, is one of the reasons for low number of patent applications, which experts say. A high level of mistrust of Mexican...
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