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  • Publicado : 25 de junio de 2010
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Are you getting ready to eat too much cake, party with your friends, dance like crazy and… help someone who wants to help themselves?! Empowerment International works with youngpeople and their families in Granada, Nicaragua… and now we want to work with you to help these kids get a chance at an education and a brighter future!
These are kids who want the chance to learn, live,and play… but were born into communities broken by drugs, alcohol, abuse, extreme poverty. When these kids help mum and dad, it’s not just washing a few dishes or making their beds, it’s getting upat 4am to weave reed mats or spending all day selling drinks the hot market just to be able to have something to eat at the end of the day. A day off from school is definitely fun, but for thesechildren, not going to school is trapping them in a cycle of poverty. Can you imagine not being able to read this email or check your facebook page?!
Schools are overcrowded and rundown. Teachers aren’tqualified, and there’s no support if you find it hard. Many kids drop out before they graduate from middle school. If they’re lucky, they’ll find work, but all too often drugs and gangs can take overtheir lives.
And here’s where Empowerment International comes in… EI helps children access education and encourages them and their families to see what a huge difference it makes in their lives.Education is key to breaking out of the poverty cycle and gives everyone the chance to a happy, healthy life.
So how do we do this? Children from the nearby slum come everyday to the EmpowermentChildren’s Center for study groups, run by older students. Just like the tutoring at your school, this tutoring helps everyone succeed … from the struggling students to the knowledgeble tutors!! The center is asafe haven from drugs and violence and is a great place to play and read! We also offer home-visits to help presude parents to keep their kids in school. When it comes to the choice between eating...
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