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Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KDE)

Official Tournament Penalty Guidelines
Valid as of April 1, 2010

This document, used in addition to Konami Tournament Policy, outlines the appropriate code of behavior for players at an event. It instructs judges and tournament officials how to identify infractions and assign correct penalties. Penalty Guidelines help ensure a fair and consistenttournament everywhere, by explaining the various types of infractions, along with the penalties assigned to each one. Judges and tournament officials are expected to abide by the policies outlined below. In addition to Konami’s Tournament Policy document, this Penalty Guideline contains information to be used during all sanctioned Official Konami Trading Card Game tournaments.

Bothplayers and tournament officials share the responsibility for maintaining a fair and consistent event, by understanding their roles in the event. Penalty and Policy Guidelines are intended to educate the player and tournament officials on proper, expected behavior at events. These guidelines may not serve as a resource for players to attempt to take advantage of one another through rule-sharking, orotherwise attempting to influence the decisions of tournament officials.

There are many kinds of tournaments offered, to provide different kinds of players with the level of challenge that most appeals to them – but at each of these events, players are expected to understand and follow tournament policy. Players should always do their part to ensure they are in compliance with policy,by reading policy documents and asking questions before the event if something is unclear. Players are ultimately responsible for the contents of their Deck, their actions and words at a tournament, and as such they are expected to take an active role in their own tournament participation.

The role of the judge is complex – while a judge needs to uphold tournament policy by enforcingthese Penalty Guidelines, he or she must also educate the players. Tournament fairness and consistency relies upon the judge’s knowledge of policy and his or her understanding of the penalties that accompany it. Judges should remain focused on the primary goals of the event while maintaining a positive attitude. Judges should be approachable and ready to assist. When a player commits an infraction,a judge should be able to correctly identify the infraction, administer the appropriate penalty, and educate the player about both the infraction and the penalty.

Investigation Procedure
Determining an Infraction
Any judge call which lasts longer than 1 minute requires that the match be given an appropriate time extension, so a judge should take note of the time as he or she answers a call.A judge should never “reverse engineer” a penalty – the penalty should never be applied before an infraction has been determined. Both players should explain what happened, and answer truthfully any questions the judge may

have. The judge will examine the situation, and determine if an infraction has occurred. If so, the judge will then explain the infraction. If no infraction has occurred,the judge will quickly explain why. Some infractions, depending upon severity, will be explained in private to the player committing the infraction. Not every situation that occurs is appropriate for public knowledge; so the judge’s decision to address the matter in private should be respected by opponents, spectators, etc. Just like questions about card rulings, players have the right to appeal tothe Head Judge when they are involved in a tournament policy issue. The Head Judge’s decision is final.

Applying the Penalty
Once an infraction has been identified, the judge will ask the player if he or she has received any other penalties for this same infraction during the course of the tournament. This helps the judge determine if a penalty might have to be upgraded. Players are expected...
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