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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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Peruvian values

In my opinion I think that the Peruvian people are used to show love everywhere. When we want to greet another person is common for usto hug or maybe give a kiss. For example, when we have not seen a person for so long we hug to another person very strong, give a long kiss or maybe we start to crybecause we are very emotional. We even do this with persons that we have already met. On the other hand, I consider that in other countries the people do not like to show theirfeeling as we (Peruvians) do.

The last year, my cousin told me an experience that she had in the airport when she traveled to the United States. My cousin went to theU.S.A. to work and the person that received her was a serious person. My cousin wanted to give him a kiss to greet him as the girls do here in our country. Butsurprisingly, he avoided her and gave her the hand to greet her. That made think that foreigners do not like to be so close to one person as we do.


In my opinionI think that Peruvians are very positive. I consider that Peruvian people are positive because we think that the bad thing that happen in our country are going to getbetter and that it is just a matter of time.

I think that Peruvians are positive in different aspects. For example:

* Policy: the things do not go very good withthe policy. However Peruvians think that the politicians are going to get the thing better when in my opinion they won’t.

* Sport: Peruvian people think that ourfootball team is going to play in the world cup, but of course we will not because the Peruvian team just do not care the feelings the Peru has to go to a world cup.
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