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Physics is one of the natural science that studies matter, energy and the relations among them. Science has two branches classic physics and modern physics.
Classic physics:
1. Mechanics:relationship between matter forces and energy.
2. Thermodynamic: deals with the relationship of heat.
3. Optics: studies the light behavior the characteristics and it manifestations.
4.Acoustics: studies the sound, infrasound and ultrasound.
5. Electromagnetism: study and unify the electric and magnetic phenomena in the unique theory.
Modern physics:
6. Special relativity:studies the objects movement to close velocities to the light. E=mc2 (“c” represents the light velocity ·”e” represents the obtainable energy by a mass body “m”)
7. Quantum mechanics: treats theatomic and subatomic systems and its interactions with the electromagnetic radiation.
8. Atomic physics: studies the atoms properties and their behavior (electrons and atomic nucleus)
9. Nuclearphysics: studies the nuclear atomic properties and their behavior.
10. Physics of the state of matter: deals with physical properties of solid materials especially the electromagnetic,thermodynamic and structural properties of crystalline solids.
11. Element particles: The studies of the existence interaction of particles usually refer to matter or radiation.

The Aristotelian modelAristotle (384-322 a.C) studied the matter, its form, its movements and the space that it occupies. In his texts he observed that one of his purposes was to find the order of all the things,formulating a great logical universe. The element of Aristotle’s: earth, water, air, and fire, and he adds a fifth element that is ether.

The classical model (Mechanics or Newtonian)
In therenaissance was generated a total challenge to the conception that the Aristotelian people gave the universe (geocentric theory). Nicolas Copernicus (1473-1543) established his heliocentric theory the sun in...
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