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  • Publicado : 22 de marzo de 2011
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Interview with Obama

Does it change the psychology of voters elsewhere, black and white?
Yes. I think there's no doubt its pretty difficult for people to make an electability argument against me when I was attracting more independent and Republican support than any other [Democratic] candidate. And this is what we've been saying throughout the campaign. Everybody had been pooh-poohing it,but you saw it in action yesterday.
Your wife has said this comment about [how] you're not going to do this again. Another four years, another eight years and you'll be disconnected from real people. What does that say about Washington? 
I think it's not just Washington. I think Washington is an especially virulent aspect of what happens when people in power are only talking to other monies powerinterests. They forget that there are an awful lot of people out there who are working just as hard, in many cases more honorably, but are still struggling.
What is the hardest thing you've done, and what does it say about your capacity to lead?
Look, let me address what you're interested in. What happens if there's a 9/11, and how would you respond to that? All I can say is this: during thecourse of my life, a life in which I wasn't born into privilege, I made some bad decisions early in my life, but as an adult I made a series of choices that I'm very proud of. I got to work on behalf of people who needed help, to advocate for the dispossessed, and [took] a lot of risks when a comfortable path was before me. So I think my judgments over the last 25 years indicate somebody who handlesjust about anything that is thrown at him.

Interview with megan fox

Cris: Where are you right now, and what can you see?
Megan Fox: I’m on my balcony at my house in the Hills, and I can see my English bulldogs, my pool and the Hollywood sign. Spanky is the oldest bulldog. I have six dogs, and when I feed the others, Spanky eats out of everybody’s dish. He’s incredibly overweight.
C: What’sthe best thing about global warming?
MF: If global warming were to cause the coast of California to fall into the ocean, my house would become oceanfront property, which I’m all about.
B: Are you more of an Optimus Prime girl or a Megatron girl?
MF: In the film, I’m an Optimus Prime girl because I’m on his team. But in real life, I would go with Megatron. I’m always forced to behave and benice to people, so being bad is very appealing. Everybody longs for the day when they could be a real asshole if they felt like it.
C: Have you ever been mauled by a sea-dwelling creature?
MF: No, but two years ago I was surfing in Malibu and I got bumped by something incredibly large. My board hit me in the face and I was bleeding. I have no proof, but I’m pretty sure it was a great white shark.Now, if I go into the ocean up to my shoulders, I start having a panic attack and breaking out into a sweat.
C: Ever pee in the swimming pool?
MF: Oh yeah, I still pee in the swimming pool. It’s full of chlorine — that kills all the bacteria as soon as you do it.
C: What was your worst family vacation?
MF: When I was 10, my parents and I drove through the Southern states. I have a real phobiaof hearing people breathe, especially if I’m trying to sleep — it really upsets me. I had to share a hotel room with my parents and listen to the both of them breathe. It was torture.
C: The wildest summer camp experience you ever had?
MF: It wasn’t so wild, but I actually went to Bible camp when I was 11. Bible camp is fucking awesome — you sing songs about Jesus and then you do arts and craftsabout Jesus. One night, I snuck out to meet the first boy I ever had a crush on. Each cabin had two counselors, so it was really difficult. I had the balls, but he was too chickenshit. After a couple of hours, I snuck back into bed and went back to sleep, very disappointed.
C: Your worst summer job?
MF: I worked at a Tropical Smoothie in Florida when I was 15. I would sometimes have to go out...
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