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Boston, is the city very old. And a relatively compact city and most of the major places of interest are within walking distance of each other. Tourists and business travelers will find that thereis a wide selection of Boston hotels available to suit every taste and budget, ranging from the most luxurious hotels to smaller inexpensive lodging. Those planning a vacation in Boston should bear inmind that hotels here are amongst the most expensive in New England, with the busiest times including the college graduation weekends each May, and during the summer and autumn months. Considerstaying in the pleasant South End area if you prefer more intimate B&B style accommodation to large, less personal hotels. Alternatively, you can always find a great selection of Boston apartments inthe many unique neighborhoods.

In the city was created the first university the world Harvard.

There are world-class collections in both the city's museums and art galleries, and visitors willfind everything from the finest in international dining to shopping that extends from great bargains to the ultimate in chic. Boston is also home to some top sporting teams. The Boston Celtics areAmerica's most famous professional basketball team and few teams have a more illustrious history than the well-known Red Sox, New England's one and only major-league baseball team.
The theater disctrict,the house of the opera, theater cutler majestic, city performing arts center.
The boston ballet is the company of dance very important

Boston is the gateway to New England, which is a region ofunique charm and exceptional beauty.
Boston is a city that is very walkable, and most of its premier attractions fall within an area of just 8 km / 5 miles.
The theater district, the house of theopera, theater cutler majestic, city performing arts center.
The Boston ballet is the company of dance very important.

the dens are by the river Cambridge around of Harvard. As Avalon, bill...
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