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  • Publicado : 28 de agosto de 2012
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Aim: to practice was/were, verbs in simple past and to introduce expressions.
Material: pictures, little cards, course book, tape recorder.Activity: warm-up skill: speaking
Objective: to make students switch into English mode time: 5minutes
1) T tells students about their day and weekend (e.g. how are you today? How was your weekend?
2) T tells students to say 5 activities that they did on their weekend usingsimple past
3) T gives an example of the activity
4) -------------------------------------------------
T makes students participate
-------------------------------------------------Problems: students may get confused because is the first time they do that
Solutions: t gives an example and write the verbs that he uses to make studentsunderstand
Activity: controlled skill: reading and speaking
Objective: to let students speak and readtime: 10 minutes
1) T shows some about dream vacations
2) T asks them if they would like to go and what they would do in those places
3) T tells students to opentheir book in page 94
4) T chooses 4 volunteers to read. ( if there no volunteers teacher chooses one)
5) T asks them if there is no vocabulary problems or some doubts about the lecture.Teacher goes one by one
6) -------------------------------------------------
T start asking questions about each place
Problems: students might havesome problems to read or some vocabulary problems
Solutions: T needs to be prepared to answers the possible question the might ask and help them...
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