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  • Publicado : 26 de diciembre de 2011
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Antonio C. P. M.

TERRITORIAL INSTRUMENTS 1. REGIONAL PLAN OF TERRITORIAL STRATEGY. The Regional Plan of territorial strategy stipulates the basic parameters for the distribution and structurationof the whole Spanish territory and its strategic objectives, also defines the reference for the rest instruments or territorial distribution plans of the territory. 2. COORDINATED PROGRAMS FORTERRITORIAL ACTION. The programs for the Territorial Action Coordination stablish the actions for articulation of the public administrations which will require the territory occupation and which will involvean important territorial repercussion. 3. RURAL AND NATURAL ENVIRONMENT DISTRIBUTION PLANS. The target of these plans are the protection, preservation and the improvement of the territorial areaswhich are interesting about his value and characteristics in geographic, morphologic, agricultural, forestal, landscape or ecological aspects, in the developing of the environmental topics of the plan.GENERAL URBAN INSTRUMENTS. 1. GENERAL PLANS. Are the basic instruments for creation of local urban politics, in agreement with the territorial planning. The target of these instruments are: a) The localground classification of the whole local area related. b)To establish the structural characteristics of the organization related to the whole local ground. c) To establish the detailed organizationdeterminations depending on each ground type. 2. SECTORIZATION PLANS.

Are instruments through which are established the structural determinations of the urban organization. It is necessary forevaluate the legitimacy of ground urban transformations classified as building-land not sectorized. DEVELOPING URBAN INSTRUMENTS 1. PARTIAL PLANS. The Partial Plan develops the General Plan or theSectorization Plan for establishing the detailed organization of complete areas or sectors. 2. SPECIAL PLANS. The Special Plans involves these functions: a) Definition, widening or protection of any public...
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