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The best teachers are those who think carefully about what they are going to do in their classes and who plan how they are going to organize the teaching and learning.

All too often overall decisions about course content are not taken by teachers, by some higher authority. Of course it will be necessary for an institution to know the same kindof teaching is taking place in all of its classes at the same level. At the same time teachers are often provided with a list of supplementary material and activities that are available. Whether or notthe course is tied to a particular textbook, its syllabus will being made is that these language items at its core. The assumption being made is that these language items will be new for thestudents and should therefore be introduced to them in the order of the syllabus.
Where a textbook is involved there are obvious advantages for both teachers and students. Good textbooks often containlively and interesting material; they provide a sensible progression of language items clearly showing. Good books also relieve the teacher from the pressure of having to think in original material everyclass.

The two overriding principles behind good lesson planning are variety and flexibility.
Variety: Involving students in a number of different types of activity and wherepossible introducing them to a wide selection of materials, it means planning so that learning is interesting and never monotonous for the students.
Flexibility: comes into play when dealing with theplan in the classroom, for any number of reasons what the teacher has planned may not be appropriate for that class on that particular day.
Variety is a principle that applies especially to a seriesof classes. Over a two-week period, for example, we will try and do different things in the classes. Variety also applies to a lesser extent to a single class period. The teachers who believes in...
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