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Analysis of Poems

Name: Norman, Katherine ID. 8-785-648
Professor: Leidy Cubilla
Date: Due, Dec 15th, 2010.1rst, Poem
Question and answer on the mountain
This poem is from Japanese Literature.
The author wrote this short poem under feelings of happiness, content, hope or even love. In the firstsentence he uses words "Green Mountain" which could represent vibrant, great hope and uses self imposed question to really give him a reason to answer this question in the next part. His smile could beyet another confirmation of his inside happiness. In the same line he says that his "...hear is at leisure" and it is hard to understand it different than; he has a free spirit and liberty of mind.Following lines of the poem seem to underline his good and sweet time on the mountain when he uses description of a blossom peach. Often peach or peachy is used to describe the good, sweet or tastystate of reality or mind. The last line of the poem is a bit philosophical and intriguing meaning. I think that he is filled up with the power from being happy, satisfied and/or perhaps even in love andhe uses heaven and earth, the two parts of human universe to even stronger manifest his feelings.

2nd, Analysis
This is a part of the Holly Bible. (Jewish Literature)
This scripture reading isa beautiful reminder that earth and everything on it is God’s creation. This part of the Holly Bible is also talking in a little bit archaic, old way, that only those of us, who live on earth and whoare “clean and pure”, may one day do to haven, “…who shall stand in this holly place”, and only those of us with pure hearts, in today’s terms, without any sins will receive God’s blessings andsalvation. This part of scripture call those pure people “…this is the generation of them that seek him”. The second part of this Bible reading tells us to raise our hands and spirits in anticipation of...
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