Porque la drogadiccion en los jovenes

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  • Publicado : 23 de octubre de 2010
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love and friendship: the fourteenth day was designated as a holiday by 1969,
when the Roman Catholic calendar dedicate this day to remember two Christian saints, St. Valetin one,martilizado by the Roman Emperor Claudius second. The story says that St. Valetin was sacrificed because she dedicated herself to marry couples even though it had emprerador prohibited. apparently the Romanderigente had the belief that married soldiers were not as good and efficient as single. also, in ancient Rome, February 15 will be held on fertility or lupercaligen honor of the god Lupercus. throughthe centuries have combined a whole series of legends and traditions and today cartoce February, St Day is a day dedicated Valetin friends and lovers, a date that exchange messages and gifts to showlove and friendship to the relatives. although this and other dates have been released and seems to invite us to consumerism, Christians can take this opportunity to reflect on the meaning of these twovalues, so important in human relationships: love and friendship

Who was St. Valetin? Was a santosacerdote of Rome who, along with St. Marius and his family, helped the martyrs during thepersecution of claudio second. was apprehended and sent by the emperor to perfect blunt, who, seeing that all his promises to make him renounce his faith were useless command to beat him with clubs and thenbeheaded, on February 14th of the year 269. He was buried on the Via Flaminia and building a basilica in 350. most of his relics are now in the church of St. preyedes. Saxon custom that young peoplewere chosen as promised on this day, probably based on the popular belief that are reported in the literature since the time of Chaucer (1340-1400), that the birds then began to form pairs, the day ofValetin san. sending cards or was a natural evolution of custom. one of the oldest references to this custom dates back to 1477.

day of love and friendship
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