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  • Publicado : 24 de diciembre de 2010
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Alumno: Esther Zamorano
Curso: C.Sábados.Alfonso XIII
Universidad Camilo José Cela


- Introduction
- Debate following question afterfirst class and after third class
- Commentaries
- My diary of children’s Literature and personal information
- My little summary
- Conclusion
- My original work


When I started this portfolio I thought:

This is my first English class; I should answer some questions in English and make a
Portfolio in English about children’s literature.

I had neverstudied children’s literature in Spanish much less in English.

I thought that I couldn’t, but I tried it and here is my work.


When I did this exercise I thought that I could do it after my first class and again after my third class and see my progress.

1- Which books that you know can be considered children’s literature?
Make alist and give reason for your answers.

Little Red Riding Hood
Geronimo Stilton

2- Which children’s films have you seen lately? Which are the characteristics join them?

“Gru my favourite villain”

No real injuries to anybody despite being action films
Simple argument and easy to follow.
Talk about basic feelings, love, good behaviours.
Both havechildren as main characters.
Both have a happy end.

3- Books and films are similar or different? Do they have the same aims and the same mechanism or not?

I think that the children prefer the films because it’s easier to see a film to read a book.

4- Which are the main elements taking part in children’s literature?

Arguments should be easy to understand.
There is always a lesson to learn .Making clear differentiation between good and bad.

5- Would you consider Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings as children’s literature?

Not at all. Arguments are too complex (even for adults), both have too much action and aggressiveness.

6- Aesop’s fables as part of children’s literature? Why?

Apologize; I only know a few his name

7- Apart from Aesop do you know any other classicwriter in Children’s literature?

Some Gloria Fuerte's titles.


When I made this exercise in the last literature class Emilio explained Children’s literature in Europe. When I answered the questions I tried to relate both.

1-Which books that you know can be considered children’s literature?
Make a list and give reason foryour answers.

At first, my answer was senses books, audio books, bath books, pop-ups books, tales and didactic books but now I think any books and mixed media texts written for children can be considered children’s literature. I think that there are different types of books for children some didactics others delight and I think that the most interesting books join instruction and delight likeLocke’s idea.

2- Which children’s films have you seen lately? Which are the characteristics join them?

The last children’s films that I saw were UP and “My favourite villain”

a. At first the characters lives were sad, in Gru and Up the old men are bitter, sad and alone. In the end the children save them.
b. There is a happy end , positive objectives and a moral ( like fables and legends)c. There are fantastic elements and fictional characters ( I remember the Giant Killer “ Little pretty pocket book” )
d. There are talking animals ( like Aesop’s fables)

When I answer this question, I remembered the four roots of children’s literature; I think that the same ideas exist today. When I go to the cinema I don’t watch the movies in the same way.

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