Portuguese food can fit into the mediterranean cuisine

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Portuguese food can fit into the Mediterranean cuisine, like this, the three axes on which turns the Portuguese food are bread, wine and oil. However, also note the influence of the former Portuguese colonies of Asia, Africa and Latin (Brazilian food), particularly in the use of spices, including paprika, cinnamon, curry, vanilla and saffron. There are also influences from Arab cuisine (mainly ofMoroccan cooking) and Spanish cooking her neighbor). A curious note of comparison with other Mediterranean cuisines is now almost complete ignorance of lentils, eggplant, chard or artichokes in contrast to the total acceptance of mango and curry as an ingredient.

Garlic is used extensively, some form of grass and spices like coriander or cilantro and parsley, saffron or ginger in the same oldrecipes. In restaurants and on special occasions olives and cheese are served as appetizers. Very often serve soup before the main course, accompany meat dishes with rice and fish with boiled potatoes. It is not uncommon for rice and potatoes are presented together in the same dish. Green kale is omnipresent in home gardens. The main ingredients are: cabbage, potatoes, rice, cod.

Bread(Pao) is one of the basic elements of Portuguese cuisine. The development is not limited to the use of wheat flour but corn is common (northern Portugal). The bread is part of very traditional dishes like migas à chords and Alentejo and Torrico. Among the most popular breads are located beyond the Avintes Broa. Other breads are Fogaça, the "caralhotas" of Almeirim (bread is round and medium insize, especially appreciated when they are freshly baked) the "pão-com-Chouriça" (similar to the Asturian preñaos consumed in fairs and festivals are inside Chouriça) the folares ('own Easter), etc. In northern Portugal, is often referred to the "balls" ("balls") which are breads made with minced meat inside (on Trás-os-Montes) and compact or round loaves or meat served with sardinhas (as can be foundin some parts of Minho).

[Edit] Olive Oil
Olive oil is one of the pillars of a Portuguese kitchen, is used both for roasting meats and fish, as in dressings for salads and vegetables mixed. There are three designations of origin and include: Moura, Alentejo Alentejo Interior and North. It is widely used for stir fry (ReFog) of garlic and onion.

[Edit] Meat
In the field of pig meat we eata lot and prepared meats (Enchidos), such as Chouriça, ham (called presumptive, often cured smoky, very distinctive flavor.) As in the traditional cuisine of Spain is the Matances do porco (killing), which consists of a pig slaughter and further processing for feeding a family unit. The chanfana uses goat meat cooked in wine. In the realm of birds have rice with duck and exchange to doent, chickensoup with meat. The Portuguese steak is spreading it with garlic paste.

Small game meats are often the coelho (rabbit) prepared Vinhadalhos sometimes. The Caçadora à coelho (rabbit hunting).


In the field of fish (Peixe in Portuguese), it is remarkable tradition of consumption of fresh fish, often cooked in the most simple, grilled and seasoned with olive oil. Also prepared in avariety of soupy rice or potato dishes and cataplanas caldeiradas called. They are usually well known the kebabs peixes (espetada), which are a kind of skewer. It is very popular cuttlefish and squid (called cells or lulinhas). It also consume squid, and seafood in southern Portugal: mostly lobster and lobster, are often used in beer, grilled or with eggs. In coastal areas you can eat seafood inrelative abundance.



Fish King of Portuguese cuisine is imported and consumed in large quantities. Cod (Bacalhau) usually cured in salt and the big trick is to know the salt. Portuguese cooks say there are 365 different recipes for this fish (one for each day of the year). Some of the recipes most widespread are: Bacalhau à Brás Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá, cod cooked in cake or...
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