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Accuracy: How correct the learners’ use of language is (use of grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary). Compared to fluency when we talk about level of speaking or writing.
Activity: Doing somethingwhich can be seen as a step towards achieving the task. A group of activities determine a task.
Approach: Different theories about the nature of language and how languages are learned. Related tomethod and technique. Ex: the communicative approach,
Assessment: Measure// of the learner’s ability or of the success of a course. Process evaluation, more general, you don’t put a mark. At the end ofa teaching course. Qualitative.
Competence: A person’s ability to create and understand sentences, including sentences they have heard before.
Content: The subjects other than language which aretaught at school. Made up with themes and topics.
Context: That which occurs before or after a word, phrase or text. helps in understanding the particular meaning of the word or phr, social situation inwhich a linguistic item used.
Curriculum: An educational programme which states the educational purpose of the programme (the ends), the content, teaching procedures and learning experiences whichwill be necessary to achieve this purpose (the means) and some means of assessing whether or not the educational ends have been achieved. It is produced by institutions.
Evaluation: In general, thesystematic gathering of information for purposes of decision making. It uses quantitative methods (testing), qualitative methods (observations, ratings) and value judgements.
Fluency: How well alearner communicates meaning rather than how many mistakes they make in grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary. It is compared with accuracy, which is concerned with the type, amount and seriousness ofmistakes made. The features which give speech the qualities of being natural and normal (pausing, rhythm, intonation, stress)
Function: The purpose for which an utterance or unit of language is used; in...
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