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Universidad del mar
Sede la Serena

Professional portfolio

English Teaching

Training Program

Name :

Teacher: Loreto Tapia Sáez

Date : July, 2nd, 2010



Facet A: Preparation for teaching

Criticalreflection primary school

List of pupils

Critical reflection secondary school

List of pupils

Facet B: Creation of a propitious environment of the student´s learning

Critical reflection primary school

Critical reflection secondary school

Facet C: Teacher for the student´s learning.

Critical reflection primary school

Critical reflection secondary school

Facet D: Teacherprofessionalism.

Critical reflection primary school

Students register (pass/ reproved)

Critical reflection secondary school

Students register (pass/ reproved)

Facet X

Planning primary school.

Study guides primary school

Planning secondary school

Study guides secondary school.


The present portfolio, wants to demonstrate the end of my English professionalpractice, which were developed in two different educational centers, primary school and secondary school. The first professional practice was in, Liceo de Niñas Gabriela Mistral, this practice began on march 15, 2010 . Then, I had to move from Liceo de Niñas to Colegio Servantes, this last practice, began on may 26, 2010.

Through this written, I´m going to report relevant information relatedto my professional practice of primary school and secondary school. Of course doing a brief analysis, talking about my reflections, criticizes, my own learning and achievements related with that amazing experience of develop the last professional practice.

This portfolio basically shows, how this new generation of promotion 2010 from Universidad del Mar, must dominated the four domainswritten in marco para la Buena enseñanza, where the main aim it´s to know how to work in the professional field with the five facets described now, these are:

❖ Facet A: Preparation for the Education: Project of pedagogic intervention.

❖ Facet B: Creation of a propitious Environment for the Learning of the Pupils: working in the educational performance.

❖ Facet C: Education for theLearning of the Pupils: the work pupils do.

❖ Facet D: Educational Professionalism: You demonstrate what you did during your practice.

❖ Facet X: Other evidences of achievements of educational performance.

It is necessary to emphasize that in secondary school, the class assigned was 1st grade D and in primary school the class assigned was 3rd grade.

Facet A: Preparation forteaching


“Teachers can open the door but it's your choice

Whether to walk through or not”


Critical reflection primary school

The Cervantes school isn’t a big school since this school opens its doors five years ago and has been obtaining very good results, because their professors are professional and they jeopardize with their educational work. To begin, theassigned course was the third basic year, which possesses 37 pupils, whose teacher chief is Ms Susana Castro. The one who according to what I could observe during my practice, is a teacher who is characterized principally for being behaviorist and I believe that the pupils more that respect demonstrate fear.

The third basic year, it is a course where more than 70 % comes from good homes, where themajority of the pupils live with his parents. In addition, in the majority of the homes do not demonstrate big lacks, abuses and violence which of a way or other one they demonstrate it inside the classroom. For my preparation of the classes, the school support to me enough in which I needed. The professors always have a disposition to help me and to facilitate to me what needed, or giving me a...
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