Prashal verbs

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Phrasal (Two-Word) Verbs

Two-word verbs are made of a verb and a preposition. The combination gives a special meaning.
Two-word verbs are used with object pronouns (it, him, her, me, you,them, us)
or proper nouns (Robert, Mary) or common nouns (the book, the student).

Two-word verbs that use the prepositions ON, OFF, UP, DOWN, OVER, IN, OUT, AWAY, BACK are usually "separable." Thismeans that the object pronouns must go between the verb and the preposition (they are "separated"):

I WOKE him UP.
He's TRYING it ON.

With common nouns and proper nouns, you have a choice. You can separate the verb and preposition, or you can keep them together and put thecommon or proper noun after them:

I WOKE Robert UP.
I WOKE UP Robert.

He THROWS his old magazines OUT.
HeTHROWS OUT his old magazines.

PUT little Susie DOWN.
PUT DOWN little Susie.

He's TRYING the hat ON.He's TRYING ON the hat.

Some Common Two-Word Verbs

Call her up. Use the phone to talk to her.
Pick him up. Go to him with your car and give him a ride. (or lift himoff the ground)
Pick it up. Lift it off the floor or ground.
Put it on. Put a piece of clothing on your body to start wearing it.
Put it down. Lay it on the table or onthe floor.
Put it away. Put it into its storage place where you usually keep it.
Put it back. Put it into its storage place where you usually keep it.
Take it out. Remove itfrom where it is and bring it outside.
Take her out. Invite her for a date, to dinner, dancing, a movie.
Take it off. Remove clothing from the body, stop wearing it.
Throw it out....
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