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  • Publicado : 28 de marzo de 2011
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|What Women Want from Men |Email this article |
|By Dr. Kevin Leman| Printer friendly page |

1. She's important. Treat her that way!

2. Let her know that you want to understand how she feels.

3. Ask heropinion.

4. Don't surprise her with arbitrary, unilateral decisions.

5. Give her frequent hugs, especially if she is feeling down or depressed. Just hold her, no lectures or advice.6. Talk to her about how she spends her day at work or at home. Be interested. Handle her with care in every way.

7. Accept her as she is; change you, not her.

8. Get rid ofhabits that annoy her.

9. Help around the house, and don't expect a twenty-one-gun salute when you do.

10. Let her know how proud you are that she is your wife.Call her if you'regoing to be late.

11. Surprise her with a card or some flowers. Besides remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays, surprise her with a card or some flowers for no special reason exceptthat you love her.

12. Don't fix it. When she shares a problem with you, don't immediately jump in to be The Great Fixer. Chances are she knows how to solve the problem already and justwants you to listen and empathize.

13. Never give her a toaster on any special occasion, not even a four-“slicer”. And that goes double for frying pans, waffle irons and can openers.

|What MenWant from Women |Email this article |
|By Dr. Kevin Leman| Printer friendly page |

1. Admire his achievements; let him know you're aware of the stress he's under at work.

2. Keep your "honey-do" list down to a...
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