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  • Publicado : 30 de octubre de 2010
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Prejudices at school: a study of the behavioral component of ethnic prejudice od primary students in their fifth year.

Henar Rodriguez Navarro studied in the University of Valladolid; he wonthe tenth price Santo Padre Rubio with a work about the integration of immigrants to schools. He is actually a teacher in the University of Valladolid.
This document talks about the study ofthe social relationships between immigrants And Spanish students at public schools in Valladolid. The document talks about primary students in their fifth year. As we want to talk about prejudices inschool in every sense, the articles are a little different because this article is very detailed and focused especially on children from the fifth year and they all are from different countries, maybewe won’t face that problem because I think most of the people from the campus 1 of the university is from Chihuahua. This document says that people start to form ‘ghettos’ inside the schools wheremost of the minorities can be found, this can be a similarity with our study because we as students have transformed the buildings in something like ghettos. The purpose of this document is to informpeople about the situation of schools in Valladolid. This article is very complete because it includes definition of prejudices, how does the prejudices start in children and how does the prejudiceskeep growing, this methodology can be applied in our study.

Patterns, Stereotypes, and violence between sexes in schools of México.

Elena Azaola Garrido.
This is kind of a feminist article,because as a summary it talks about how the children but mainly girls are affected in the primary schools of Mexico, This can help us in our investigation because we only have thought about prejudicesbetween building in general but we have to think in how women are affected. This article mention how girls see their own prejudices, for instance ‘Women should do only the work of the house and the men...
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