Pride and prejudice

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Elizabeth Bennet: Elizabeth Bennet is the second of the five daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Elizabeth is the most logical and level-headed of the Bennet daughters, and that makes herher father's favorite. Although Elizabeth is thoughtful, intelligent, and practical. Elizabeth realizes her grave mistake when she understands that she has greatly misjudged both Mr. Darcy and Mr.Wickham.
Mrs. Bennet: she has 5 daughters she is ignorant, and embarrassing mother whose greatest aspiration is to have her five daughters married off. Mrs. Bennet does not approve of Elizabeth's logicand practicality, and Elizabeth is her least favorite daughter.
Mr. Bennet: Mr. Bennet is a country gentleman and Elizabeth Bennet's father. He has very little interest in the duties of polite societyor in raising his daughters
Mr. Bingley: Mr. Bingley is rich, young man who moves into the Bennet's neighborhood and marry with Jane. Bingley is fashionable and kind.
Lydia Bennet/Wickham: Lydia isthe youngest Bennet girl, she likes the soldiers of Meryton. She and Mr. Wickham are forced to marry after Lydia runs away.
Mr. Darcy: Mr. Darcy is Bingley's best friend is rich, handsome, and proudman. He loves Elizabeth and she comes to see that she was wrong about Darcy, and they fall in love.
Jane Bennet: Jane is the Bennets' oldest daughter. She loves Bingley and gets married with him.Mr. Collins: Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennet's cousin who will inherit Mr. Bennet's estate when Mr. Bennet dies. Collins is a pastor for Darcy aunt. He considers himself more important than he really isbecause he works for Darcy's rich aunt, but the Bennet family dislikes him.
Wickham: Wickham is a charming man. Wickham ends up marrying Lydia after they run away together and Darcy pays Wickham off tomarry Lydia to save her family from disgrace.
Mrs. Gardiner: Mrs. Gardiner is Elizabeth Bennet's aunt. She and Elizabeth are close. Mrs. Gardiner suspects that Elizabeth and Darcy are falling in love....
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