Pride and prejudice

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Jane Austen was born on December 16, 1775, in Hampshire, England. Jane was educated mostly at her home although she and her sister, Cassandra, were sent away to school for several years when they were young. Austen wrote several works when she was in her teens, but her major works were written later in her life.
She wrote novels of romance, Austen never married. In fact, her life is consideredrather dull. She had a few romantic attachments, but the one man she deemed worthy of commitment died before they could become engaged.
Her inspirations for her novels were based on her real life experiences. Jane Austen knew firsthand what it was like to live with a meager income because after her father died, she, Cassandra, and their mother were forced to live on a small income and thecharity of her wealthy brother. For the five years after her love interest died and her father died, Austen did not write.
Her most famous works include: Sense and Sensibility in 1811, followed by Pride and Prejudice in 1813. Northanger Abbey (1818), Emma (1816), Mansfield Park (1814), and Lady Susan (1818). The latter three of her novels were written in rapid succession in the years just before herdeath.
Austen's novels were met with success during her lifetime, but she published anonymously, so she had no real fame. On July 18, 1817 Jane Austen succumbed to Addison's disease and died in her sister's arms.
Austen is regarded as one of the finest woman writers of her time. Her work is most well-known for the way she makes her characters seem so realistic, the way she exploresrelationships, and the way she makes fun of the trends and attitudes of her era.
As for Pride and Prejudice, it remains one of Austen's best-loved and best-known works.
Back ground of the Story and the author
Jane Austen lived in the time of the early industrial revolution. In this period it was a good time for the extremely wealthy, however it was a bad period for the extremely poor. The novel portraysa world in which society takes an interest in the private virtue of its members. When Lydia elopes with Wickham, therefore, it is scandal to the whole society and an injury to entire Bennet family.
Austen has a profound sense that individuals are social beings and that their happiness is found through relationships with others. Austen has a "thorough consciousness that man is a social being, andthat apart from society there is not even the individual."
“It is of course generally accepted that a wealthy single man must be in search of a wife.” –Jane Austin
This sentence, the first of the novel introduces the reader to the marriage theme that will outline much of the book, a novel that takes place in the 19th century English society. When parents arrange their daughter’s marriages tomen they did not love in order to gain financial security. Women in those times where idealized, they were considered like a worthless but mandatory possession.

This novel is about the Bennet family which consists of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Lydia, and Kitty. The novel centers mostly on the lives of the two eldest daughters Jane and Elizabeth.When Mr. Bingley, a young gentleman of London, rents a country estate near to the Bennet's home, Mrs. Bennet begins her match-making schemes to unite Mr. Bingley with one of her daughters. Despite Mrs. Bennet's embarrassing interference, Mr. Bingley and Jane become fond of one another. Mr. Darcy, who is a friend of Mr. Bingley, also goes with him to the country and begins his acquaintance withElizabeth, her family, and their neighbors. He is quite serious and treated everyone with a proud distaste. When Elizabeth learned of his dislike for everyone, makes her want to treat him in the same way. She also hears from a soldier friend, Mr. Wickham that Darcy has treated him wrongly. After hearing this story she considers it another reason to dislike Mr. Darcy. She begins to contradict and...
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