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The name "preposition" (pre + position) means "place before". Prepositions usually come before another word, usually a noun or noun phrase:
• noun
• pronoun
• noun phrase
•gerund (verb in -ing form)

We use "at” for:
At + hours day
• At 6:30
• At 7 o'clock E.g.
• At dawn He runs everymorning at 6 o´clock.
• At lunchtime
• At midnight
At + Place
• At home
• At work E.g.
• At the theatre I always visit mysister at work.
• At the airport
At + Holiday
• At Christmas
• At Easter E.g.
• At New YearI will see them at New Year.
• At Lent
• At Holy Week

We use "on" for:
On +date
• On Christmas Day e.g.
• On July 4ththey died on December 31st 1966.
• On December 31st 1966
On +Day
• On Monday
• On Tuesday E.g.
• On Wednesday heruns on Mondays and Fridays.
• On Thursday
On + Day+ part of day.
• On Friday morning E.g.
• On Saturday afternoon she will arrive on Fridaymorning.
• On Sunday evening
We use "in" for:
In + part of day.
• In the morning e.g.
• In the afternoon she visited us in themorning.
• In the evening
In +month.
• In January e.g.
• In February the classes will star in February.
• In May
In +year• In 1966 e.g.
• In 1845 she was born in 1966.
• In the 1960s
In + season.
• In summer
• In spring...
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