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Conditionals - Prepositions

Roberto Carlos Aragòn Cervantes
Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Puebla

Conditional Exercise 1

1. If I am late to work, my boss gets very angry. That is why I am always on time.

2. When I leave work, I usually go to the fitness center to work out.

3. When he eats, he tries to choose healthy foods.

4. His car isvery reliable, and he rarely has any trouble with it. But he has had a couple of difficulties in the past. If his car breaks down or he has any problems, he calls the auto club.

5. His car is terrible! It always breaks down. When his car breaks down or he has any problems, he calls the auto club.

6. Mary gets six weeks paid vacation a year. She loves to travel. When she goes on vacation,she always goes somewhere exotic.

7. Diane works harder than anyone I know. I don't think she has taken a day off in three years. But she does really love to travel. If she goes on vacation, she goes somewhere exotic.

8. He loves going to the movies. When he goes to the movies, he always gets a large popcorn with tons of butter.

9. She hates TV. She thinks television is a waste of time.If she watches any television at all, it is usually a documentary or a news program.

10. My friend always keeps in touch by mail. When I get a letter, I usually write back immediately.

Conditional Exercise 2
Did you hear about that guy who won 180 million dollars in the lottery? If I (win) won that much money, I (quit) would quit my job the next day. I (travel) would travel around theworld and (stay) stay in the most luxurious hotels. If I (want) wanted anything, I (buy) would buy it. If I (see) saw a beautiful Mercedes that I wanted, I (buy) would buy it. If I wanted to stay in a beautiful hotel and the hotel (be) were full, I (buy) would buy the hotel and make them give me a room. I (can) could do anything in the world if I had 180 million dollars ... Oh, I am starting to sounda little materialistic... Well... I (do) would do good things with the money as well. If anybody (need) needed help, I (give) would give them some money to help them out. I (donate) would donate money to charities. I (give) would give money to help support the arts. If I (win) won that much money, I wouldn't keep it all for myself. I (help) would help as many people as possible.
ConditionalExercise 3
Michael: Sharon, I am having some problems at work, and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice.

Sharon: Sure, what's the problem?

Michael: The computer sales business is more difficult than I thought. When customers (come) come in to look at the new computer models, they often (ask) ask me which model they should buy. If they (ask) ask me to suggest a model, I(be) am usually quite honest with them. Most computer users don't need a very advanced computer; they just need a basic model which they can use for word-processing, bookkeeping and Internet access. If I am honest and I (recommend) recommend one of the cheaper models, my boss (get) gets angry at me. He always says that a good salesperson can convince a customer to buy one of the more expensiveadvanced models. I don't really feel comfortable doing that. What would you do in my situation? Isn't it wrong to make them buy something which they don't need?
Sharon: I think you should help your customers make an intelligent decision. If I (be) were you, I (educate) would educate the customers. I (teach) would teach them how to make a good decision by themselves. I (make, not) wouldn't make thedecision for them. When a customer (ask) asks a question, answer it honestly. You don't need to lie to the customer, and you don't need to make the decision for them.
Michael: When I (sell) sell an inexpensive computer to a customer, my boss (complain) complains that I am not trying hard enough. What would you tell him?
Sharon: If I (be) were in your situation, I (tell) would tell him that I...