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Present Progressive
Excercise I
Principio del formularioA) Fill in the verbs in brackets into the gaps.

Example: He is writing a letter now.1) Listen! Pete and Joe . (scream)

2) Timmy the picnic basket. (pack)B) Which sentences/questions are correct?

1) In which sentence is the Present Progressive used correctly?
Andrew amwashing the dishes.
Andrew are washing the dishes.
Andrew is washing the dishes.

2) Which sentence is in the Present Progressive?
He has read a book.
He is going to read a book.
He is reading abook.
He read a book.
He reads a book.
C) Which questions are correct?

1) Which short/contracted forms are correct?
I'm singing
he's singing
she’s singing
their're singing
we're singingyou're singing
your singing

2) Which of the following words are used with the Present Progressive (signal words)?
at the moment
D)Form short forms/contracted forms.

Example: he is writing - he's writing

1) he is repairing -

2) we are playing - E) Negate the sentences.

Example: He is playing on the computer. - He isnot playing on the computer.

1) You are listening to music.

2) The teacher is opening the window.
Final del formulario |

Simple Present or Present Progressive/Continuous
Exercise II
Choosethe correct verb form from the dropdown menu and form sentence in the Simple Present or the Present Progressive. |
1) John football at the moment. |
2) We often tests at our school. |
3) Ito my teacher now. |
4) Look! Mandy and Susan a film on TV. |
5) Olivia her uncle every weekend. |
6) Now the sun . |
7) They sometimes poems in the lessons. |
8) Listen! The band the newguitar. |
9) First I , then I dress. |
10) Every morning my mother up at 6 o'clock. |

1) Use
Simple Present | Present Progressive/Continuous |
repeated actions | actions...
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