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  • Publicado : 18 de agosto de 2012
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Francisco Gavidia University
Faculty of social sciences
Subject: Linguistic seminary
Lic. Manuel de Jesus Oviedo

Topic: How the e-resources contrast with the traditional resources in practical, academic, and formative researching projects that can be developed in Linguistic Seminary.

Students ID
José Gabriel Ulloa Moreno UM100209
Will Alberto López Palacios   LP100307María del Carmen Santos Portillo SP100408
Glenda Astrid Pineda Guzman PG100408
Miriam Marleni Velasquez Arias VA100108

August 24th, 2012

Nowadays, researching projects are very important fields of study in the world. There are two kinds of classification of resources according with their time periods; firstly there are the electronic resources known ase-resources that cover virtual information, this type of resources are quite recent because they have been developed during the last decades and the number of people using them has drastically increased during the last years. On the other hand there are traditional resources that cover physical information; the latter methodology has been used all over the world for hundreds of years since it was theonly mean to get information (Information from books, magazines, newspapers etc.). Most of the people are interested in doing researching projects around the world for different purposes; for this reason it is important to get information with these two types of resources and investigate how both methodologies contrast on investigation fields.
A very important E-resource is the internet, whichis an amazing tool nowadays, for researchers to find a lot of virtual information on it; however, it is arguable that these e-resources are not the best source of information in most of the cases because they were written and made by people who are not professionals in their research field and are just making opinions regarding a certain topic without proving real facts, but they are helping forreferences; on the other hand, it is easier to access e-resources in different fields for example: there are many sites of medical information, education, economy, technology and others important fields for researchers.
The libraries are the most important tools for traditional researchers depending of the field that they investigate; they will find physical resources like book, theses, magazinesand others types. In most cases they need a lot of time to read this information and select the one useful for them. But it is said that the information found on books is far more reliable because it was written and investigated by experts who master their own respective field of investigation
The Francisco Gavidia University has both types, e-resources and traditional resources for students inthis academic institution. Students at this University take different subjects in their majors with the purpose of mastering the necessary skills and knowledge in order to become competent and integrative professionals; but not all students use these types of research, probably they feel comfortable to get information from the internet because of its easy access and speed or on the contrary theylike to read books for finding reliable information on the library; so it is important to analyze both methodologies and see their contrasting ideas, similarities, benefits, disadvantages etc.
The Linguistic Seminary class is a subject for The English Major students and they use e-resources and traditional resources for their investigations; nevertheless, there are also different variables that arerequired in order to investigate why they choose to use one methodology over the other, for instance, how much time does it take to render homework, when they use one of these methodologies? Some students consider that to look for information on books can be tiresome and it takes too much time to type all the information on a computer, but some other students prefer to use e-resources such as...