Problemas d la sociedad

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quickly with an advanced cropping tool that enables you to crop to a shape or to a selected aspect ratio, or to pan and zoom in on key image elements just by dragging and resizing the picture withinthe crop area. hola q tal dejejn de joder la vida y dejenme copiar los putos manuales In Word 2010, you can also apply theme effects or other theme fills to shapes. The other theme fills available arethe PowerPoint slide backgrounds from your theme—making it easy to coordinate all of your Office 2010 documents. To access the fills that match your PowerPoint slide backgrounds, select the shape tofill and then, on the Drawing Tools Format tab, in the Shape Styles group, expand the Shape Styles gallery and then point to Other Theme Fills. (Note that these same fills are also available to shapesin PowerPoint and Excel and were introduced in those programs in Office 2007.)
 Word 2010 also includes several new, professionally-designed templates that coordinate with Office themes. Forexample, create a new document based on the Adjacency Report template and then point to different themes in the Themes gallery to see how the graphic elements in that template change, as shown in Figure 8.Notice that shapes used as backgrounds on the first two pages of this template use the slide background fills noted in theQuick Tips: You can mix and match theme elements to create a custom look in notime. Select separate theme colors, theme fonts, and theme formatting effects from their respective galleries on the Page Layout tab, in the Themes group. Then, use the Save Current Theme option atthe bottom of the Themes gallery to save your selections as a custom theme that you can apply to content in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook, and even Microsoft Access® 2010.
 In addition to the 40built-in themes available from the Themes gallery, explore the category in that gallery and check it often—select themes appear automatically as they become preceding tip. To access...
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