Process of photosynthesis

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Photosynthesis [CHLOROPLAST]
* Light-dependent reactions [THYLAKOID]
* The absorption of light is the first step in photosynthesis
* Chloroplasts capture light energy
* ElectronTransport (hydrogen electron)
** Light energy excites electron in photosystem II and also causes a water molecule to split, releasing an electron into the electron transport system, H+ into thethylakoid space, and O2 as a waste product.
** The excited electrons move from photosystem II to an electron-acceptor molecule in the thylakoid membrane.
** The electron acceptor molecule transfers theelectron up until to the electron carrier and it carries the electron Photosystem I.
** Photosystem I transfers the electrons to a protein called ferrodoxin.
** Ferrodoxin transfers the electron tothe electron carrier NADP+, forming the energy-storing molecule NADPH.
* ATP , ADP+ H+
* Light-independent reactions [STROMA]
* Phase two / Calvin Cycle: energy is stored in organicmolecules such as glucose.
** Six CO2 molecules combine with six 5-carbon compounds to form twelve 3-carbon molecule called 3-PGA. Forming 12 3-PGA
** The chemical energy stored in ATP (suletaphosphate convierte ADP) and NADPH (suelta 2 hydrogen y forma NADP+) is transferred to the 3-PGA molecules to form high-energy molecules called G3P.
** Two G3P molecules leave the cycle yto be used fotthe production of glucose and other organic compounds.
** An enzyme called rubisco converts the remaining ten G3P molecules into 5-carbon molecules called RuBP.
** + ATP=6 ribulose, 1-5 biophosphateRuBP.
Organic molecules!! Carbon molecules.
GRANA: like a coin stack; thylakoid stacks
PIGMENT: light-absorbing color molecules (chlorophyll)
STOMATA: plants cell pores
OSMOSIS; HIGH TO LOWATP: 1 phosphate gruop
NADPH: suelta protones de hydrogen

Rubisco: enzyme

Alternative Pathway
* C4 Plants: minimize water loss; close pores; sugar cane & corn; start Calvin...
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