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The Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) is a private organization that is dedicated to improving communication through English around the world. Founded by Dr. Charles A. Fergusson, CAL becomes thefirst organization to use professional experts in the linguistics field to research, publish and disseminate the study of language within the academic and practical world. With the increase ofimmigrants of non-speaking countries, CAL finds itself focusing on three areas that can help people whose first language is not English; research, projects and services.

Dr. Fergusson was a well known anddedicated U.S. linguist who was best known for his work in diglossia (the use of two languages by a single language community). As the Center for Applied Linguistics’ founder and director, Dr.Fergusson establishes its mission to work on the national and international need of language teaching and language planning. Under his direction the center creates the TOEFL, establishes communication withvarious universities, launches a roundtable for discussing problems language faces around the world and sets the groundwork for research in language learning.

Of the many areas that CAL covers,conducting language research seems to be its cornerstone with a main focus on language learning and effective teaching methods. One of the studies CAL has successfully conducted is the development of theSIOP model. The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP) is a research-based instructional model that addresses the academic needs of English learners throughout the United States. Throughthis model teachers can make linguistic material comprehensible to English language learners. The SIOP Model includes teacher preparation, building of background and information input.

Another areaCAL lends its services to are the many projects directly related to their research. One such project is the Academic Literacy through Sheltered Instruction for English Language Learners in Secondary...
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