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Most of managers attend business schools, often popular MBA programs.
They admire the qualities of a leader because a leader means more than a manager.
Communicationat work is conducted easily and informally.
Mangers expect everybody to work hard.
Motivation to work is enhanced by measuring individual performance and rewarding initiative.
Attitudes towards workare competitive and sometimes aggressive.
Work is important and makes one basic life values.
Rewards outbalance punishment.
Innovation and change is easily accepted and welcomed.

PROFILE 2:Canada

Similarly to managers in the USA, the acquire business education.
Work communication is informal (though it’s a little more formal in Quebec)
Leadership and the qualities of a leader areimportant.
Their individualism is a little lower than individualism of American managers.
They are little more interpersonal relationship-oriented than Americans.
Work is important in life.
They areopen to changes.
Individual performance, appraisal and rewards motivate to do a good job.

PROFILE 3: Great Britain

Managers receive good general education, they are increasingly interested inMBA schools.
They have relatively formal relationships at work but after work they often meet in pubs.
They encourage their employees to work individually.
Managers believe it’s important to continueeducation at training at work.
They are characterized by practical approach to management. They eagerly delegate authority.

PROFILE 4: Poland

They are very diverse with regards to theirprofessional experience.
Some of the got their experience working for state or private companies, but some got it as a result of
running their own business.
Most of older managers graduated fromtechnical schools while the younger from business schools.
They are optimistic, innovative, and determined with decisive character.
They willingly invest in development of new products, technologies,...
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